Heil Satan, Twin Temple comes to the Nile Theater

Twin Temple at The Nile Theater, Mesa, AZ on October 1st, 2022

Review and Photos by Fred Kuhlman
Venue: The Nile Theater (https://www.theniletheater.com/ )
Date:  Saturday October 1st, 2022
Tour:   Satanic Orgy USA 2022

This was the first night of a 3-night concert series for me.  As I stated in a later review, this show was the Strange concert of the set.  These two bands, Twin Temple and Bridge City Sinners are not for everyone.  If you get offended by rude language, then don’t show up.  If you are very religious then you might want to skip these bands.  If you except the bands for what they are, then you will have as great time.  This is not my first time seeing either band, so I was aware of what I was walking into.  Personally, I really enjoyed both bands even when I was hit with fake blood.  It you are already offended, then you might as well quit reading.

Twin Temple

Twin Temple at The Nile Theater, Mesa, AZ on October 1st, 2022

Per Twin Temple’s website, they call themselves, “The Wickedest Band in the world bringing their Black Mass to a theatre near you”.  They are unique in the music scene.  They are not to everyone taste, but for those that like their music and are not offended by the Satanic overtone of the show, then you will have a good time.  A lot of there music is an old Doo-Wop style that has lyrics and Satanic overtones.

The band is fronted by the dynamic pair, lead singer Alexandra James and guitarist Zachary James.  Besides singing and playing guitar, this pair perform different Satanic rituals on stage.  They open the show by Alexandra carrying a skull and Zachary throwing water on the crowd.  After a short reading by Alexandra and ringing of a bell by Zachary, the band launches into their music.  Almost all of their music is from their self-titled album Twin Temple.  As you can see from the setlist below, their music has heavy Satanic themes.

Twin Temple at The Nile Theater, Mesa, AZ on October 1st, 2022

Later in the show they had a member of the audience come on stage.  He participated in a ceremony where he was blindfolded, hands tied and heiled Satan.  Later he was knighted by Zachary as a follower of Satan.  It was all just good fun.

The band is very good and I really enjoyed their music.  The stage show they put on is different but to make it in this industry you need to come up with a gimmick and Twin Temple got theirs.  I thought it was interesting that no major promoter picked up this show here in Mesa.

Would I go see them again, Yes.  I love strange and different shows.  Also, I am not easily offended.  If the music is good and the stage production is good and make sense, then I can enjoy the show and would go see the band again.  But listen to their music and decide for yourself.

The following is the website and Facebook page for the Twin Temple.  The website has listed the future concerts dates and locations:
Website: https://www.twintemple.com/
Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/twintempleforever

Photos by Fred Kuhlman, All Rights Reserved

Twin Temple Setlist:                         (Album)
In Lvx                                                 (Twin Temple)
Sex Magick                                       (Twin Temple)
Let’s Have a Satanic Orgy
Let’s Hang Together                         (Twin Temple)
I Know How to Hex You                   (Twin Temple)
Lucifer, My Love                               (Twin Temple)
The Devil (Didn’t Make Me Do It)    (Twin Temple)
I Am a Witch                                    (Twin Temple Present a Collection of Live (And Undead))
Satan’s a Woman                             (Twin Temple Present a Collection of Live (And Undead))
I’m Wicked                                       (Twin Temple)
In Nox                                              (Twin Temple)

Bridge City Sinners

Bridge City Sinners at The Nile Theater, Mesa, AZ on October 1st, 2022

The Bridge City Sinners is a strange band to try and categorize.  The best description I can come up with is a band that you might see performing on the street or subway attempting to collect money.  Their music is a mixture of prohibition era jazz to Appalachian death folk with a little punk rock thrown in.  The band consists of lead singer and banjolele player Libby Lux, Michael “King Strang” Sinner on resonator guitar, Lightnin’ Luke on fiddle, Clyde McGee on banjo and Scott Michaud on upright bass.

This 5-piece band is very good and really enjoy performing.  The energy they extrude on stage is infectious and the crowd soaks it up.  The crowd sings along with all the songs and are jumping for a lot of the show.  I never was pushed or hit during the show and no mosh pit ever opened up.  People were there to just soak up the music and have a great time, which they did.

From the setlist below, you can see that the songs were a mix of their 2 albums, Here’s to the Devil and Unholy Hymns.

Again, the Bridge City Sinners might not be to everyone’s taste.  So, before you go, please listen to their music and determine if you would enjoy seeing them live.  Personally, I enjoyed their music and like I said, this was my third time seeing them.  Would I go see them again, Yes.

The following is the website and Facebook page for the Bridge City Sinners.  The website has listed the future concerts dates and locations:
Website:  https://www.bridgecitysinners.com/
Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/bridgecitysinners/

Photos by Fred Kuhlman, All Rights Reserved

Bridge City Sinners Setlist:              (Album)
Through and Through                      (Here’s to the Devil)
Kreacher                                           (Here’s to the Devil)
Song of the Siren                             (Here’s to the Devil)
Virgin Sacrifice                                 (Here’s to the Devil)
Rock Bottom                                    (Unholy Hymns)
Ashes                                                (Here’s to the Devil)
Devil Like You                                   (Unholy Hymns)
The Devil’s Swing                              (Unholy Hymns)
The Legend of Olog‐hai, Pt. 1           (Unholy Hymns)
The Legend of Olog‐hai, Pt. 2           (Unholy Hymns)
Witches’ Wrath                                  (Here’s to the Devil)
Unholy Hymns                                   (Unholy Hymns)


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