Cattle Decapitation’s Terrasitic Infestation Tour Hits Mesa Like A Storm


Review and Photos by Megan Juarez-Fontana
Promoter: 13th Floor (
Venue: The Nile Theater ( )
Date: Saturday November 11th, 2023
Tour: Terrasitic Infestation Tour

The lines wrapped around the block to the point the staff at the Nile had to form 3 lines for everyone to get in.

The first band of the night was Castrator. The band slowly came onto the stage, taking their places and facing their backs to the audience until the music started. The minute the music began to play the band turned around and faced everyone. The audience clapped and cheered as the concert began to start. They opened up their set with “Tormented By Atrocities”. 

Castrator is an all female death metal band formed by Clarissa-vocals, Kim-guitar, Carolina-drummer and Robin-bass. After the first song ended Clarissa addressed the audience and introduced their step in touring guitar player, Curtis. She said that thanks to him they were able to make this tour a possibility and they were able to join on Thai great tour. The audience clapped in agreement. Curtis did an amazing job and was able to fill Kim’s shoes. Their set was full of energy and really emulated a classic death metal feel that complimented the rest of the nights acts. 

I thoroughly enjoyed their set and was super excited to see this usually all female band taking charge and keeping up with the boys. They have a great stage presence and showmanship that wanted many wanting more! I can’t wait to see this band again. I know I am not the only one who is excited to see what else this band releases. They released their first album last year called Defiled In Oblivion.


The crowd kept spilling into The Nile, taking open spots and squishing together so they can get as close as possible to the stage. The second band to hit the stage was Sanguisugabogg ! Sanguisugabogg is a death metal band from Columbus, Ohio. Their lineup is made up by Devin Swank – vocals, Cody Davidson – drums, Cedrik Davis – guitar, bass and Drew Arnold – guitar/bass.

The band came onto the stage and opened up with their song “Testicular Rot”. The fans began to get anxious and most pits started to form as they played. As soon as the song ended Swank addressed the audience and said since there were no barricades he wants everyone to stage five and go crazy! Chaos was then unleashed! 

As the band played people in the droves clawed their way to the stage and dove off. Many were caught and then crowd surfed to the back while some unfortunately fell to the ground because the sea of people decided to split. 

Halfway through the set Swank addressed the audience for a second time but this time he had a fun game for everyone. He was going to throw a football into the crowd and whoever had it when the song ended would get whatever they wanted from their merch table. Everyone smiled and screamed in excitement, who wouldn’t want free merch!?  The song ended and Swank told the person with the football to go to their merch table right then and there. Swank then said “Thank you mesa! You guys are fucking wild, we got a couple more for ya! Then Immolation will come and kick your asses!” Everyone enjoyed this set and it was full of energy fun!


The third band of the night was Immolation! Immolation is a death metal band that formed in 1986 in Yonkers, New York. The bands line up is formed by Robert Vigna – lead guitar, Ross Dolan – bass/vocals, Steve Shalaty – drums and Alex Bouks – rhythm guitar. The stage had two free standing fabric walls. The band members stood behind these walls in between songs to tune their guitars.  

As the band came onto the stage everyone clapped! The night was about to get a little bit better! The band opened their set with “All That Awaits Us”, people in the audience could be singing or mouthing the words along. The band put on a great performance musically. They for the most part stayed in the areas where they set up when they came onto the stage. The only member who walked around a little bit was 

Ross Dolan. Their performance was that of an old school death metal band and it was breath of fresh air. It was like a step back I. Time to see how this band started out and pioneered the death metal scene in New York. 


The final band of the night was Cattle Decapitation. This death grind band formed in San Diego, California in 1996. The bands current lineup is Travis Ryan – vocals, Josh Elmore – guitar, Dave McGraw – drums, Belisario Dimuzio – guitar and Olivier Pinard – bass. The crowd went ballistic when the band came onto the stage. They opened up their set with “Terrasitic  Terror” . Fans began to shove each other to try to form most pits. Some fans pushed their way to the stage and began to stage five. Everyone was there to have fun and get as much of the pure joy and fun out of the show as they could. 

The band put on an amazing performance, they were energetic and engaged with their fans as they performed! The band moved about the stage, giving all areas of the floor access to view them easily. Everyone could be seen with smiles on their faces. Many were singing along and head banging! Many parents also brought their children who were watching the concert like this was the greatest thing that would ever happen to them. These children will remember the greatness of this night for many years to come. Cattle Decapitation ended their set with “Pacific Grim” but the band had a tick up their sleeve. That song was not the true ending to their set. The audience wanted more they were not ready for the concert to end. They played “ Kingdom Of Tyrants” as an encore which left the audience satisfied. Overall this show was an extremely fun and full of wonderful bands of all calibers. Each band brought something different to the show.  

Cattle Decapitation


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